Disability discipleship resources
created by Becca Schafer

At the Hope Home, we are passionate about the holistic development of each and every child and adult with which we interact. In our experience and research we have found many Bible curriculum programs to be largely inaccessible to children and adults with disabilities, specifically severe intellectual disabilities. Inspired by her academic background and the enthusiasm of one Hope Home child, Becca Schafer began compiling resources from around the internet and those from her own experience to create a fun, exciting, and accessible Bible curriculum that not only shares spiritual truths but also engages children’s cognitive, emotional, social, and physical development! Our curriculum is largely based on the Jesus Storybook Bible and the หนูชอบไบเบล! Thai children’s story Bible. Links to all activities and materials are provided and will be updated in the documents. Most of the activities or materials were free offers online, though a few do come with a small cost. No matter how you choose to use it, we hope that God is glorified and people with intellectual disabilities will gain access to the Bible in a new and exciting way! If you’re interested in following along with us as we discover what works, what doesn’t and all the fun ways we’re learning follow us at Accessible Bible Fun!

Unit 1: Creation Series

Unit  2: God Created Me! Series

Unit 3: The Fall Series

Unit 4: Noah’s Ark Series

Unit 5: Tower of Babel Series

Unit 6: Abraham & Isaac

Photographs from Hope Home’s discipleship series

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