About Us

Hope Home specialises in foster care and is situated in Chiang Mai, caring for seven children with special needs. It also serves as a respite home for parents of children with disabilities in a time of crisis.

“We offer on-going daily physical therapy, proper nutrition and nurture
in a loving environment in order to promote the maximum development of each child.”
Judy Cook, 2014

Hope Home June 2014
Hope Home June 2014


– Hydro therapy

– Physiotherapy

-Regular nutritional support

-Hospital visits and regular medical care

– Afternoon activities, music, crafts, daily play in the playground garden

-Regular outings

-Special outings, elephant conservation centres, zoos, waterfalls etc.

-High staff to child ratio

-Respite care, offering support to the families of children with disabilities



3 thoughts on “About Us

  1. Hello,

    I recently met John Maas, who told me about you. I look forward to visiting and getting to know what you are all about .

    Warm Regards,
    Michael Berbae

    1. Dear Mr. Michael Berbae,
      We look forward to meeting you as well! Feel free to send us an email if you need directions or want to make sure we’re home! John Maas is a great friend of ours and we look forward to meeting you.


      1. Hi Again, we are hoping to work out a trip to your property on Saturday the 19th.
        Looking forward to meeting you.


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