Easter at Hope Home 2018

Easter is always a wonderful time of year. Here in Thailand come April it is starting to get hot, kids are off school for the summer holidays, and we spend some time remembering and celebrating the resurrection of our Lord Jesus Christ together. This year the kids studied the story using our felt set with much fun counting 1…2…3…HE’S ALIVE! We also had a resurrection scavenger hunt using Augmentative and Alternative Communication (AAC)! It was very fun to see our older kids tell the story of Easter using an AAC device and directing the younger kids on where to find the next egg!

We also had great big fun decorating Easter eggs this year. Thanks to a color dye set from abroad and a whole lot of stickers on plastic eggs, the kids had fun for hours decorating eggs for the community Easter Egg Hunt!

Then on the BIG DAY itself, we heard a reading of the Easter story from our neighbor friends and reflected on the meaning of this important day. The kids of course then enjoyed running and finding eggs hidden in funny places around the playground. (We maybe even got them all this year as rotten eggs have not yet been found and with this weather they would certainly not be overlooked!) We greatly enjoyed spending time together with friends as a wider foster care community, finding lots of surprises, eating even more, but most of all celebrating the One who brings us all together, our Perfect Father.

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