What Volunteers Can Add to Hope Home

Guest Post by the World Race “Wildflowers” Team. We would like to add that we are so very grateful for all their help and willingness to do the jobs that are not always glamorous but help us immensely!

With all of the day-to-day responsibilities of being caregivers to children with moderate to severe special needs, it’s hard to for the staff to find time for the administrative duties of running this place. That’s where volunteers come in. My team of six came into this month with the sole goal of supporting the staff in anything they needed, there was no job too big or too small for us. Which was great, because we’ve been charged with an incredibly diverse array of tasks to tackle during our time here that utilize the pool of skills the six of us share.

I share these tasks because they really emphasize the vision this place has for its kids and itself. This isn’t just a place where kids can come to live. It’s not just a place that provides meals, showers, and beds. Hope Home truly serves the needs of these children  and continues to seek more ways they can teach, connect, and develop them in a healthy and loving environment.

One of our biggest ongoing projects this month was sorting through the extensive amount of photos that are taken of the kids over time. Judy and Becca desire to send these kids to their forever homes with as much information about their lives here as possible. And they take a LOT of pictures. Each child has a computer file with their name and any photos that were taken of them during their time here. We’ve been sorting through the hundreds of photos on the computer for the past two weeks and see the heart this place has for these kids. Those photos are going to help answer questions that the kids may have in the future about where they came from and their pasts. It’s such a beautiful desire for these kids that unfortunately gets put on the back burner when more immediate needs take over staff’s attention.


We’ve also been helping to create things that will help the kids learn in a way that works best for them. For example, reading brail might Dontrii’s best option for literacy, but before he does that his sense of touch needs to be developed. They supplied us with some fabrics and a hot glue gun and we created a couple boards that vary in texture so he can touch them during his physio hour and be understanding the differences between the things he is touching.


How cool is that?! So cool. Dontrii is just one of 7 of the kids here, and each child’s learning strategies are so diverse. Each of them require things like the sensory board that will help them develop their skills and facilitate learning. This specific attention to each child speaks volumes about Hope Home and how committed they are to finding creative solutions to the obstacles these kids face.

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