KIS Students Serve Hope Home

Recently, we at Hope Home were blessed to receive a team of secondary students and their teachers from KIS International School in Bangkok through the Traidhos Visiting Schools Program. The students organized an incredible three days of service and interaction with our home and our children. The students more than quadrupled our number for their time with us and brought not only their strength and skills but also their integrity and presence.


Students from KIS served our home by completing a number of needed home maintenance tasks such a painting the exterior wall to our home and creating storage space for all the shoes and bicycles that come with a large household such as ours! The students, however, did not stop at the minimum but exceeded our expectations by designing and implementing a beautiful mural and executing a total revamp of the garden area. Now not only is our garden accessible and colorful, but it also has plants in it!

While all of the projects were such a blessing to our home as we do not have the time to meet all of our home’s repair and beautification needs, the students also engaged with our children and family extremely well. Students had prepared music, arts, and sports activities for each day and rallied our kids together to have a great time learning and enjoying together. Students from KIS were also able to help our students go on multiple walks and bike rides around the village, a special treat to “adventure with the big kids!”

The beautiful mural, new furniture, and fresh coat of paint made a huge impact on our home. However, it is the heart and the relationships formed between students, teachers, and our children which has left the greatest impact. We are incredibly thankful for the support of KIS and the time you spent with us giving of yourselves to each of our kids!

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