Renovations Part 2: Mr. Tile & Mrs. Grout

In November we showed you the beginning of the incredible renovation work Tony & Joy did for Hope Home. The amazing ocean bathrooms are a delight to the children and have launched imaginative play both during and after shower times, shouts of “thalee, thalee” and “plaaa” (translation: ocean, ocean and fish) are heard quite frequently in our house and the kids have really taken to swimming in the ocean just about anywhere, anytime.

IMG_5389 copy

Some of their other projects included revamping their prior work for the new house, particularly the JUMBO Noah’s Ark puzzle! We were also able to get vinyl made from photographs of the children’s old bedroom which were then placed in frames for their current bedroom!

Most of their time this trip was spent not as Tony and Joy but as Mr. Tile and Mrs. Grout! If it didn’t move, it was tiled! The main room not only got the gaps filled in between the walls and the roof but also tiled and painted the walls. We are so grateful for this now very easy to clean room! Plus it looks incredible too! Another great improvement our tile experts were able to do was to level and ramp the flooring between the addition and the main room so that it is now totally accessible for wheelchairs, walkers, strollers, and the occasional mischievous bicycle.

The kitchen and washing up area also got a complete tile makeover! In the kitchen they did an incredible job transforming our cement cooking surfaces, walls, and tables into surfaces that are not only beautiful but sanitary too! In addition, they streamlined our washing up area for dishes as well as the laundry area! Of course a full tile job was the first task for Mr. Tile and Mrs. Grout, a task much more easily said than done! This particular area required the removal of a tree stump as well as leveling and ramping of surfaces!

Fear not! Our tiling superheroes were still able to do a few more artistic projects as well. Superhero Way is a BIG hit with all kids of all ages but especially the big kids. We really enjoy the superhero inspiration during physiotherapy and school times!

Our living room was also adorned with a verse very close to our hearts and mission. “Love is patient. Love is kind. Love always hopes…Love never ends.” 1 Corinthians 13:4-8


We are so very incredibly grateful for the blessing of Mr. Tile & Mrs. Grout….but even more so the blessing of Tony and Joy who not only adorned our house but also our lives with their grace and presence! We enjoyed every second and cannot say thank you enough. We cannot wait for their next visit!



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