GoAbroad Foundation + Hope Home = Sensory Room

At Hope Home we serve children with a wide variety of special needs, and part of our goal is to provide the best quality care possible to each child in order to empower them to their full potential. In the transitions and movements of the past year and a half as we’ve settled into our new home one of the areas we have wanted to address is the various sensory needs of our children. Children with autism, sensory integration issues, hyperactivity, cerebral palsy, or children who have experienced trauma can benefit from proper sensory therapy. We have tried to provide sensory stimulation within our normal context, but have always desired to be able to provide a sensory room.

When GoAbroad Foundation contacted us with a desire to help make a dream project a reality, we knew this was the project. The GoAbroad Foundation’s #GivingTuesday campaign this year is dedicated to providing the necessary resources for creating a therapeutic sensory room at Hope Home. Our extensive research, staff and volunteer support, and the assistance of the Art Relief International expertise will serve in planning and creation of the sensory room. The room would be utilized to provide sensory breaks for children with autism whenever they are over-stimulated, it would also be used as a dedicated therapy environment for children with all types of disabilities. Independent living skills are important to us, and we work to help each of our kids develop the skills they need to care for themselves to the best of their abilities. We are very grateful to the GoAbroad Foundation for helping us reach the dream of creating a space to help our children learn to be independent in self-regulation and meeting their sensory needs as well!

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