Renovation Part 1 – Under the Sea

Tony and Joy became famous during and after their time with us in 2015. The bedroom mural was a huge attraction for all visitors, and the kids simply never got tired of it! When we had to move to our new house in late 2016, we were devastated to leave the incredible artwork behind. While photos were taken and memories held tight, we missed it. Before they left in 2015 we took them up on their promise to return again, and as we’ve adjusted to our new house we have repeatedly said “Just wait until Tony and Joy get here.” In mid-September it was finally time to stop waiting and they arrived! Within days they were already hard at work!! We are incredibly grateful for their expertise as DIY-ers, their artwork, and most importantly their presence. While the paintings are beautiful, the house an entirely new and amazing place, they will be very much missed in the coming weeks as the leave.

For now though, we want to take you on a quick look into how they are making our house absolutely beautiful! The children and staff adore the artwork and the work they have put into making our house fresh, pretty, hygienic, and easy to clean! The first stop on our tour will be….the bathrooms.

Hardworking is an understatement with these two and prior to even beginning the painting they tiled the walls waist high to protect the walls from water damage, did an important repair on a door that had too much water damage, sealed the doors for the future and then….


The final product of course, is far too amazing to even describe. For now, we will give you a glance at just the artwork, fear not though as a full unveiling is yet to come! Let’s just say that toilet training is certain to go much more smoothly now that the kids cannot wait to get to the bathroom!


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