Hello (Again)

It certainly has been quite awhile since we have updated our website. Between medical issues, new schooling schedules, administration, and the day-to-day care of our children we have been very busy! We, however, have not forgotten the great community of people that continue to support, encourage, and advocate for and with us! We are extremely grateful for everything you do, for your words of encouragement in these busy months, and understanding as our website production went down! We hope over these next few weeks to catch up on some of the exciting things that have been happening in our home! Here are some of the highlights.

Thai Mother’s Day in honor of Her Majesty the Queen’s birthday was in August, we were treated by the local Duke’s restaurant to a “pizza party” in honor. We are very grateful for the nomination by our lovely neighbors and all the kids very much enjoyed the food, especially Little Guy and LeLe!

Yindee and Tadpole both amazed everyone with their strength in adversity as they recovered from serious medical challenges, Yindee’s stemming from her underlying medical conditions and Tadpole from an accident at his school.

We want to give a huge HUGE thank you to Nicola for her amazing support while we were running between hospital ICUs for a month. We are very grateful that God planned her time with us right when we needed it and she jumped right in and kept all the kids happy and very healthy. Not only that but she became great friends and a wonderful support to all of our staff as well. She is a blessing to all of us. THANK YOU.

Both kids made it home just in time to celebrate the birthdays of our September kiddos! Wentaa, Dontrii, Garfield, and Little Guy all had birthdays in September so we held one celebration that was very much enjoyed by all.

The DIY crew of Tony and Joy have returned to Chiang Mai and blessed us with an amazing transformation of our home! We loved our new house before but now….wow. Well that deserves a post of its own and we cannot wait to show you!


Again, we apologize for the long gap and look forward to filling you in more about the life and times of our Hope Home family!


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