Volunteers at Hope Home

It’s that time of year again, the time of coming and going in Chiang Mai! Many new people coming in and many people leaving this beautiful city. In order to protect the children and to encourage healthy attachment we are quite particular about the types of short-term visits we approve at our home. Our utmost priority is to make sure the children feel safe, accepted, loved, and secure in a family environment. Sometimes that means we can’t accept visitors or volunteers, but we do love the opportunity to accept high quality, passionate, and skilled individuals who are willing to dedicate a substantial amount of their time to invest and empower our children.

This time of year we find ourselves quite often having to say “goodbye” to people we have come to cherish and enjoy. Sometimes it’s just for a little bit as with two of the families who serve as continual friends and support to our family who have gone off to their respective countries for the summer months. Sometimes though, it’s a little longer of a goodbye.

We were extra excited recently to have Grandad and Grandmum Cook from England along with their friend Hillarie to come and visit for a few weeks. As the Grandad and Grandmum of Hope Home we enjoy all of their skype calls, gifts, and love from afar; but most of all we love the special time we get to spend together in person!

Over the past six months we have been so blessed to have long time friends of Hope Home, Mike and Ellen (and their family), coming and sharing their expertise with us. Ellen as an Educational Psychologist helped brainstorm, advise, and enact new therapies and approaches for many of our children! Mike, an accountant, bravely took on the task of helping us to streamline and clarify our accounting. He is leaving behind an easy to use and quick system which will save so much time each month! We also got to join in on their family events which was oh so very special for our kids, it was a real treat for them to be invited to a birthday party for a friend! We were very sorry to say “goodbye for now” but are so glad we will continue to stay connected.


This week we will also say goodbye to our now good friend Marguerite. As an experienced nurse and expert administrator too, she utilized a sabbatical period to come and share her time, experience, and care with us. She has served an irreplaceable role in helping provide that 1-on-1 specialized care for our more medically fragile children, cooking incredible meals which everyone ate quite quickly, organizing and sanitizing the medical room, teaching some fun cooking activities, and so much more. We are so grateful that she sacrificed time with her family to join ours for a few months and wish her many blessings and joy as she goes back to her family and work back in the UK.


Right now, we are also enjoying two volunteers/interns from our connections with CCT. Ryan and Kenna are both university students in the U.S. majoring in pre-medicine and nursing respectively. Both have great experience in physical training/therapy and bring creative ideas to our physical therapy and education programmes. Thankfully, their time is not yet over so we still get to enjoy their energy and insight for the next month!

There are of course so many more volunteers we love spending time with, many of whom we don’t have to say goodbye to for quite awhile! We are so grateful for our volunteers, the way they add into our kids lives by sharing their expertise and experience, and the way they invest in each of us. Thank you to all those mentioned and not yet mentioned for sharing your experience, time, and self with us! We have a high priority on providing the highest possible quality care for our children, and we are very helpful for those near and far who help us achieve that goal a little better each and every day!

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