Family Dinners

We are passionate about ensuring that our home is as close to a “normal” family home environment for each of our kids. Our hope is that with a quality, loving, and close atmosphere each and every one of our kids will be able to reach their full potential. Even more importantly we want them to know without a doubt they are loved and accepted completely just as they are!

With seven kids and a growing respite program, it’s not always an easy task to maintain normalcy and encourage family bonds. Sometimes it means taking time to make it happen. One way we are working to do so, however, is the institution of family dinners.


We want to make sure that once a week, we are all sitting and eating together. Kids, staff, respite families, all are welcome on family dinner night. We enjoy a lovely meal prepared with extra love and effort by Mae Aom. But most importantly we enjoy eachother. We share food, we share laughs, we share stories. Our hope and prayer is that this continues to be a time of connection and encouragement for each member of our big extended family!

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