It’s a Lizard, It’s a Butterfly….WAIT…It’s a Dinosaur

This month we are exploring the wonderful world of rocks and caves! As a part of this adventure we decided to travel over to a new park just down the road…full of various creatures both alive and cemented! The kids had a blast crawling on, in, and around flowers, bugs, and butterflies bigger than even they could imagine! All were quite intimidated at first but thankfully Little Guy took the first plunge and everyone else followed! For a moment we thought we lost Yindee, but she had just turned into a very beautiful butterfly!


Then there was a real village of live animals: sheep, pigs, and donkeys too! Dontrii saw his bestest friends the sheep once again. It is amazing to watch our little guy enjoy the sheep everywhere we go. There is something about the sounds and smells of sheep that gets a smile and a giggle every time!

Tadpole has taken to making pig noises of late so he was pretty excited to meet some real life pigs! However, he was quite sure to not get too close as the whole “alive” concept seemed to be a bit intimidating.

Then was the real surprise….a whole village of dinosaurs! HUMONGOUS robotic dinosaurs full of sound and motion! Once again, overwhelming at first but all the children adjusted quite quickly and were fascinated by the sights and sounds of these monstrous prehistoric creatures! Dontrii especially enjoyed the sounds of the velociraptor and Brave was ready to take on any and every one of these dinosaurs! Garfield enjoyed mimicing the sounds at every turn and Kaew kept admiring just how BIG they all were!

The kids were also able to enjoy a wonderful dinosaur ride, which did occasionally turn into bumper-dinosaurs but was nonetheless by far the highlight of the day for Kame, Smile, and LeLe.

It was a wonderful trip, and much more than just a learning experience! We absolutely loved spending time with many of our friends and family in community. Sharing meals, experiences, and simply playing together can truly bring us all together! We hope and pray this time will remain an exciting memory as well as an encouragement to all the families and the staff at Hope Home as well.


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