Easter at Hope Home

April has been a very busy month with kids now off school for their summer break, and the weather has heated up appropriately! This last week has been extra special with Songkran and Holy Week falling on the same week this year.

Throughout the course of April we have been studying the Easter Story and participating in various Easter themed activities.

Then came the BIG DAY! We awoke early and decorated 90 Easter eggs for our community egg hunt that morning. It took quite awhile for the concept to really sink in as the children thought they were surely supposed to crack and eat all 90 eggs right then! Once they caught on though they had a heap of fun colouring and sticking in a variety of unique designs.

We then whisked the children away to the activity room for a viewing of an Easter film while some adults hid the eggs in a variety of interesting places!

The community Easter Egg hunt is another favourite of ours as we join together to listen to the Easter story, hunt for eggs, and enjoy some fellowship together with our neighbours! The story was well received by all and the hunt went far more quickly than the set up! Once again, quite a lot of fun this year as our kids really got the concept of picking up the eggs and seemed to really enjoy looking for them!

Eggs. Eggs. Eggs. We did decorate 90 eggs which meant quite a few would be consumed by us! It was a lovely brunch of boiled egg with sticky rice and spice! Again, a wonderful time to spend with family and friends from our community!

A fun surprise this year was the balloon man! One of our neighbours and friends came for the hunt and brought along an incredible skill for shaping balloons! The kids loved watching and then of course wearing his creations!

Lastly, we were able to make it to church with a few of the kids as well and it was a good time of reflecting on the meaning of this wonderful day! He is Risen! He is Risen Indeed!

2 thoughts on “Easter at Hope Home

  1. Hi to everyone at Hope Home It was great to hear that all the children and adults has such at great time over
    the Easter Period. Loved also seeing the great Pictures .Keep the great work that you all do up.

    Much Love

    Ginny Haw XXXX

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