Songkran at Hope Home

Songkran, the Thai New Year, is celebrated every year from April 13-15. The celebration marks the traditional Thai New Year typically includes both formal and informal celebrations. It is a time in which we show respect to elders and elders in turn give blessings to the younger participants. The modern celebration also includes a city-wide water fight which is a welcome relief in the intense heat of hot season.

Our kids did a great job showing respect to some of the “Mees” at Hope Home this year, and we were so encouraged to see their ability to understand and participate in this rich cultural tradition. The ceremony involves children pouring water on the hands of their elder and the elder in turn providing a blessing for the child. Strands of Jasmine are also given to the elder as a symbol of respect. We pray that each and every one of our children and caregivers would be blessed!

Then of course we got together with others in our community for a Songkran celebration full of WATER PLAY! This was the first year that most of our kids could squirt with their squirt guns! They had heaps of fun squirting each other and even more fun squirting the adults! We are so grateful for everyone from our community that came out to celebrate Songkran with us!

Of course the great thing about a three day festival is all the extra days of water play! Any moment can turn into a water fight! Since all of our kids are really enjoying the water play this year we have had lots of fun having water fight after water fight! Dontrii and Garfield especially love being squirted, and Tadpole and Kame love squirting so it works out as a great combination! Of course there is also a whole lot of really good food, which is by far Little Guy’s favorite part!

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