Family Camp at the Beach!

This past month we had the incredible opportunity to join in with the CAM ministry and team for a family camp at THE BEACH! The 13 hour drive started off early one Friday morning and the kids did great, we were so very impressed with their patience with the journey and their enthusiasm for passing cars. We searched out cars of every color yellow, orange, purple, blue, red, gray, and of course Kame had to have us find a PINK car! Thankfully a semi-truck did pass by us in full pink!

The drive was exciting enough for all of us but then we saw the beach and that was a real treat. The kids were very excited and slightly terrified by the sand, the waves, and water! For most of them it was their very first chance to see the ocean and it was a priceless moment for each of us!

We were also able to join in on some singing, dancing, games, and family education. Staff and kids did a great job reflecting on the effect of alcohol in their lives and communities and then brainstorming our hopes for our family’s future.

Then of course it was time to PLAY in the ocean. What a special time to play together as a family!

The trip also included a trip to the Tiger Zoo which has much more than just tigers….Crocodiles, Elephants, Sheep, Pigs, and more! It was great as our kids mixed with the other families and were able to spend a lot of time with others from our community enjoying some exciting sites! Many of us are still trying to figure out how that pig did maths!

There was of course some down time, food time, and lots of fun together with other families from our community! We are VERY THANKFUL to have been included in this family camp and are so grateful that we were welcomed so well by not only the camp leadership but all the other families as well!

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