Down on the Farm (Part 2)

As a part of our month long learning adventure “Down on the Farm” we took a trip to a real life farm located right here in Chiang Mai. Dutch Farm was a unique experience for our children as they got to interact up close and personal with miniature horses and sheep! We also got to see chickens, ducks, and geese. Tadpole of course found it to be great fun to chase the geese.


LeLe very quickly made friends with the miniature horses and was especially fond of this white one. The two made quite a pair and LeLe probably would have stayed right there in the horse stables all day were he able!


Everyone got a chance to pet and even ride (if desired) the miniature horses, and while reactions ranged from terrified to obsessed in the end everyone was comfortable enough to enjoy a moment with these very special animals.

A stop by the chickens was very fun with lots of “cluck cluck” sounds coming from both sides of the fence!


After that it was time to go see the sheep, and much to our surprise we have quite a few shepherd boys and girls in our little family! All the kids had fun, with a side of trepidation, watching staff feed the sheep and of course making lots of sheep sounds ourselves. The bigger sheep were quite intimidating for some of the kids but thankfully there were some adorable baby sheep who seemed a bit more approachable.



In the end everyone had a great time, got to learn all about a few farm animals, and experience farm life in a small way. The adventures will continue, just wait to see where we’re headed to next!

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