Down on the Farm (Part 1)

This month at Hope Home, we have been “Down on the Farm!” As we continue learning and exploring the Great Big Earth our God created, we took this month to learn about farms! Farm crops, farm animals, farm people, and farm stories were the mark of each day. We had a lot of fun and learned a little something along the way. Here’s a quick look into our farm adventures this past month.

It’s not a farm without an Old MacDonald, or at least that’s what we decided pretty quickly! As a fun speech therapy activity and matching game we opened up each daily lesson with a round of “Old MacDonald.” The kids had a great time discovering new animal sounds and then of course, making the animal sound their own! Just ask them about their farm animals, Tadpole and Little Guy can tell you all the sounds and Kame is ready with the animal names too!


Our sensory farm was heaps of fun with more animals than we could count, though we did and quite a few times. The kids had fun making their own pastures, then taking them down and remaking their own pastures (though Little Guy clearly prefers the free range style) and having the animals interact in the grass and mud!


A big hit this month was our red bean and corn sensory bin. It was all hands (and feet!) in on the different ways of sorting, finding, and just feeling some farm fun. It was also fun to think about where the different parts of the farm belong, “in” “on” and “under,” prepositional fun was had by all.


This months Bible stories were the “Good Shepherd” and the “Prodigal Son.” The kids had a blast using the farm animals and laminated characters to act out the stories and ultimately to share the story of just how much God loves each and every one of us! Tadpole especially enjoyed finding the lost sheep and Kame was all about getting the Prodigal Son out of the smelly pig pen!

Other fun activities included counting, sorting, matching, and making our very own farm animals. We were able to paint chickens with feathers, muddy some pigs, dab the road the Prodigal Son took all the way away from home and back,  farm bingo, and so much more!


Of course the farm is a fun place to get out and move! This month we had an extra focus on our gross motor skills, so obstacle courses and a Thai-English version of “duck, duck, goose” were just what was needed on some long farming days.

The kids gave farming a try too, though we have some room for improvement here and maybe with better consistency in our watering and planting (and a little less shaking of the planter cups) we will get a crop yet! To date though, it’s safe to say we might not yet be ready for the big fields!


We had a great time in our farm adventures from home, a lot of speech therapy objectives were achieved and we highlighted a lot of key developmental needs, but the best part was learning about how much God loves us, that he would seek after us no matter where we are!

Stay tuned for “Down on the Farm: Part 2” a look at our trip to a real farm right here in Chiang Mai!

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