School Days

This school term we have been very pleased to have four of our residential children in school as well as seeing our community family member Smile transition to a new schooling setting. It makes for an exciting morning at our house as we prep four littlies for two different schools and pile into two different vehicles off to three locations!


LeLe and Tadpole are continuing at the local government special needs centre one full day and four half days a week. Both are in preparation level classes and our hope is that in conjunction with at-home afternoon programming these small setting opportunities will help them develop further. Smile has moved from her school to another government special education centre and appears to really be thriving in her new setting. This half day program is rather intensive and includes physical therapy, occupational therapy, and a speech class.

This school term Little Guy joined Kame at her school, a private, bilingual Christian preschool and kindergarten. While the beginning was a rough start the two are now very much enjoying going to school each morning and have made lots of friends as well. We are so excited these two were accepted into a mainstream schooling setting and hope that the positive, rich environment will continue to promote their development. Little Guy is in the twos classroom and Kame is in the first level of Kindergarten. They are learning their Thai and English alphabets and lots of interesting songs we sometimes struggle to decipher at home!


Our other children continue on in their physical therapy programmes and specialized education from home. All of the children enjoy coming together in the afternoon to our “home school” to further their learning together. We are very grateful for the educational opportunities made available to each of our children and thankful for the many supporters, sponsors, and friends who help make it possible!

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