Around the World with Hope Home

Each month we select a theme and try our best to tailor our learning and experiences to support that theme. This past month we have focused on Heritage and Culture. We are a very multinational home with caregivers, volunteers, visitors, and children from all different countries, tribal groups, regions, and therefore, cultures. While this can certainly bring about its challenges, this month we wanted to take the time to celebrate the rich diversity of each member of our home. So we closed our eyes and off we went on a pretty amazing adventure!


We switched up the routine just a bit and a couple of times a week had staff members lead a lesson on their people group, or on the people group of one of the children in our home. Our “passports” are full of great adventures in Southern Thailand, Myanmar, Northern Thailand, England, Australia, and with the Hmong, Mlabri, and Karen people groups as well!

Each time we boarded an airplane, bus, or motorbike parade and had great fun traveling to our destination nation. Overall, all of our travels…but especially our airplane experiences were a bit more turbulent than most! (Bumpy plane rides are much more fun to act out!) We were then greeted in the local language, saw the clothing and the important sites of the area, we heard and saw music and activities from the culture, and last but certainly not least we tasted the foods!

While the food was certainly the highlight of each of our travels we also enjoyed an early Songkran in Phrae, Thailand, got tattoos and face paint in Australia, spread Thanaka on our faces in Myanmar, made handicrafts in the Hmong Village, saw Nang Talung (a puppet show) in Southern Thailand, and so much more!

Not forgetting our spiritual hertiage and yet another look at global cultures our Education Centre days were spent focusing on the Egyptians and the Isrealites. We created deserts, rivers and skylines too as we explored the story of Abraham and the story of Moses.  The kids loved counting the stars in the sky, taking Abraham on a big long walk, and of course floating Moses in his basket down the river to the Pharoah’s house. Then we dove into rainbow rice and talked all about the different colors of our world and how beautiful they all are!

After exploring the world within our walls and discussing color and beauty we thought we’d go out for even more immersion in our great big world! We took a trip to the Royal Gardens and the World Gardens Exhibits to see the gardens of Thailand and beyond! The kids and staff had a wonderful time as we took a tram around the world gardens and then in person to the gardens of Korea, Nepal, India, Bhutan, Laos, and many more places!

Overall, it has been a very fun month full of big adventures right here in our own house, our own school room, and within our own family! We hope that this month has given each of our children and our staff a deep appreciation for their own culture and identity as well as the identity and culture of others around them. We are so proud of each of our staff members for their hard work in planning and executing a lesson plan for the children, and so proud of each of our children for their enthusiastic journey around the world!

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