2017: Our New Year in Our New Home

The renovations have been underway since July, and we’ve been living there since September but we are very excited to be starting this brand new year in our home. We are simply amazed at how it has come together to be a beautiful, accessible, and functional home! Last March when we first learned of the impending need to find new premises we viewed it as a setback, a challenge, and a disappointment. Now, however, we are very grateful for where we are. We see this move, this new home, as a blessing. We are ready to share with you a simple tour of our wonderful home!

Welcome, come on in!


Here is our main sitting room, many races have been held and stories told in this room already!

The medicine/nurses room is very important in our house so we are so very thankful for this space right here…


Now onto LeLe and Chaay’s bedroom. These two have been very excited to have their own space and we’re seeing great improvement in LeLe’s ability to sleep at night now that he has a much more calm-sensory environment.


Then of course the other children have their bedroom as well, and it’s the perfect place to sing “Twinkle Twinkle Little Star” just ask our Little Guy!

img_2566Another great addition to our home has been our activity room! The extension of our education centre located down the road in the office here is the place for crafts, speech therapy, sensory projector time, writing practice, and much much more!


As we move out the back, we’ll just walk through our storage room which holds everything we could possibly use in the course of the day and of course it’s where you can find the coffee (and milk if you’re so inclined)

img_2570The rest of the house didn’t even exist in July so we are amazed at how it has come together! We not only have two new bathrooms and a shower room…

but also an incredible physical therapy space for our children, including a mega-sized therapy ball pit!

img_4033These cupboards are full of adventures in occupational therapy or physical therapy!Much fun is had as we pull out activities and play together!


As would be expected we do quite a bit of washing at our place so this area may be slightly less exciting but it is important and so very helpful to us too!


Then of course we will meander through the kitchen, a focal point of any house tour and a great place to stop for something very yummy. Just ask the kids! (We’ve even put in new tiling here since the photos were taken, making it even nicer and much easier to clean!)

Once you’ve made the food, eating it is quite important and probably most of the kiddos favorite part! So here’s a lovely place and a wonderful family-sized table for just that!


We are so very thankful for our new home and grateful for all the hard work Po Boonmee has put into planning and building it for us. We are also thankful for the many many people all over the world who have helped to make this possible! Come back anytime 😉

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