Christmas Week at Hope Home

Just last week we shared some photos from our annual Community Christmas party, and that was just the start to our holiday events. The children were also able to attend a special field trip outing at a local elephant camp with the physical therapy clinic! Staff and children enjoyed not only seeing and learning about the elephants, but also had a great time connecting and sharing with other families of children with special needs in our community!

img_5772Unfortunately, the evening following our elephant adventure Yindee was admitted to the Pediatric Intensive Care Unit. She had been battling an illness for awhile and while treatment had been working, she reached a point where she needed some more intensive medical intervention. We continue to pray for her complete healing.


Kame’s school, which she has been attending for the past month and a half, had a Christmas program and performance. We have been very proud of the way Kame has adjusted to her new schooling environment, studying in a mainstream Kindergarten 1 classroom and were very happy to see her with her friends and teachers.

Given that Yindee is still in Intensive Care over the Christmas holiday, we decided to take the opportunity to learn about giving to others and to bless the many other families going through challenging medical issues. Our children helped to assemble baskets of stuffed animals, toys, snacks, wipes, books, bibles, and homemade Super Hero bracelets for the other children in PICU with Yindee. We were also able to put together a coffee and hot cocoa basket for staff as well as some extra medical supplies we had been given. It was such a blessing for our children to give to others as we receive so much ourselves! It was also a blessing to see the nursing staff of the PICU and the other patients encouraged on Christmas day!

Christmas Eve night and Christmas day were all about the meaning of this holiday, the birth of our Savior! On Christmas Eve the children donned their comfy pajamas and read the Christmas story together and sang Christmas carols together before sleeping. Then on Christmas morning we were able to attend an international church service held at a local school, which was not only a fun and interactive service but also a great chance to play on a playground as well! From there we had a lovely Christmas dinner together of Chicken, Sticky Rice, French Fries, Sweet Potatoes, and Chinese Cream Buns for dessert! It was an incredible way to share in the miracle of Christmas, which is our Hope in Christ, which is what has ultimately brought us all together as family. Big naps were had and then much fun opening presents sent to us from all over the world. It was beyond sweet to see the children sharing the presents out to one another, celebrating each one with a spirit of genuine thanksgiving to those who have blessed us through His Love. We want to thank everyone who helped to make this Christmas, and our everyday, very special. Here’s a few snapshots from our Christmas Day.

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