Welcome Brave!

This week has marked one month since our newest family member joined us! At only 5 months old he’s the youngest among us and definitely has everyone captivated!


Brave was born 3 months preterm. His first weeks on earth were not easy and he spent some time in the NICU. His only remaining symptoms though are anemia and a very slight developmental delay. We are very blessed with the opportunity to have Brave as a part of our family, to help him receive quality treatment in these early years such that he can develop well and succeed in whatever path he takes!

The other kids have been extremely welcoming and are learning how to love gently now that they have a baby brother around!

Brave has undergone a lot in his short life, and still has a long way but he has a wonderful personality and easy going temperament. Though his face says it all…we have no doubt he’ll be getting into his fair share of trouble soon!


One thought on “Welcome Brave!

  1. Brave is adorable, how blessed are all the children to receive him into your family, and how blessed are we to have been adopted into the family of God.

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