Diving into Learning!

Our learning environment is all about discovery. Meaning that we want children to explore, experience, and ultimately discover for themselves rather than simply being taught information. We believe that every single one of our children has the potential to learn and this is the best means we can facilitate that learning! This month we dove into the wonder of the deep blue ocean! We have been utilizing our interactive sensory classroom to explore the ocean through playdoh and other sensory activities.

The kids have been discovering Bible stories related to the ocean, including Jonah and the calling of the disciples. We had lots of fun imagining what it might be like to live in the belly of a whale for three days and of course acting out the sounds of a big fish spitting Jonah out into Ninevah! Moments like this are priceless as we see the Bible come to life for our kids right here and now.

Through various other activities we learned about how fish move about by swimming, tried to decipher the mysteries of water through science experiments, learned about sharing through the story of Rainbow Fish (conveniently available in Thai!), and of course became fish face experts…particularly Tadpole and Kame!

We even learned how to make fish on a charcoal fire, and of course how to eat fish!

To wrap up our month long learning discovery of oceans we made the trek to the Chiang Mai Aquarium and saw it all up close! Intimidated at first by the fish tanks at their level and the massive size of the fish, the kids eventually became captivated by seeing everything they had learned come to life right in front of their eyes!

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