We’ve Moved!

It’s been far too long since we have been able to update our website, mainly because we have been seriously busy packing, lifting, and ultimately moving. As of yesterday the old property has officially been returned to the landlord and we are out! With the final repairs made and the locks changed, we can now focus our construction efforts on the new Hope Home renovations.

The move was surprisingly smooth with a great friend donating the services of a wonderful moving company! Their help with the lifting of all the playground equipment and cabinetry meant we were able to make a swift move which has ultimately helped all the children settle into their new home quickly!

The new house remains a building site but is coming along quite quickly nonetheless! The main living area is the site of many a horse race and even the occasional caterpillar can be found competing! We are very thankful that bathrooms have been added and the back space is beginning to transition from construction zone to usable changing and play area, an added blessing when the rainy season has been here in full swing this past week. Next up a wall and maybe even a door soon! Hopefully soon we can do a full photo update, in the meantime we thank you for your patience and understanding during this especially busy time!

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