Constructing Our Future

Construction of the new Hope Home has been underway for quite some time and bit by bit a new house is coming together. It is miraculous the way God continues to provide for this current project not only in funds, but in labor, and insight. We have always in faith hoped and believed that this change would help move us toward our future as a foster community and it is amazing to see that hope come to fruition.

Painting over the gate and then the entryway at Hope Home were somber moments. Moments in which we remembered the memories attached to our house. Painting the gate with the children, the numerous first day of school, group pictures, and more taken in both places. However the somber was accompanied by a great joy. Paint on the walls of our new house, with memories already being created as children run through the gravel to see their future house each morning.

There is still a long way to go in construction, and only 8 days until the move. It is most likely the house will not be fully finished come moving day but we have been assured all the important things will be done! We look forward to the many new memories that will be created within these walls and the opportunities that can come out of it not only for our residential children but also for the respite children, and other individuals with disabilities in our community! Check out a slideshow of the construction efforts below!

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

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