Mother’s Day at Hope Home

Thai Mother’s Day is celebrated each year on the birthday of Her Majesty the Queen, August 12th. It is a wonderful time of celebrating Her Majesty and showing her respect as well as to show respect to your mother as well. In our home we have many mothers for whom to show respect and love on this mother’s day. Her Majesty the Queen, the mother of all Thailand. Then each and every one of our children’s biological mothers who brought these amazing and precious children to life on this earth. From there we want to thank our caregivers the “Mees” of Hope Home who have answered the call to stand up and be mother to each of these children. Their love is true, it is obvious, and it is unflinching. They not only serve in the role of mother but they embody and embrace it. The lives of each of children are profoundly blessed by these women. In addition, we look to and pray for our children’s adoptive or foster mothers. Our Lord God has made mothers special and unique in their many different roles and ways, so today we want to give a big “Happy Mother’s Day” to everyone and had heaps of fun doing it!

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