Child Sponsorship: Our Global Village

“It takes a village to raise a child.”

A very simple phrase but so incredibly true. Parents worldwide would declare that they could not have done it without the help of grandparents, spouses, friends, church members, aunts, uncles, or that friendly neighbor down the street. One simple declaration and many more people would echo that truth, it surely does take a village to raise a child. In our Hope Home family we know that village is absolutely vital to each and every child. We have caregivers, teachers, volunteers, art programs, doctors, nurses, and neighbors that join in our everyday life of raising our children. As the world we live in continues to get more and more accessible via technology our village is growing and expanding in ways no one could have imagined in years past.

We have all our caregivers here who change clothes, wipe tears, and answer silly questions. Then we have our handyman who fixes pipes, broken wheelchairs, and drives a truckload of kiddos to school and doctors appointments everyday. Our staff work together to meet each need of our children. There’s clothes to be folded, food to be made, medicine prepared, mischievous children to run after and fake coughs to be spotted! Beyond our staff we have a core of volunteers who commit time and energy to help take kids to physical therapy, provide 1-on-1 care in the classroom, and just dance the sillies out. From the time Hope Home started years and years ago with Sasikan our village has been expanding to cross borders and oceans as we as the family of God and body of Christ create a global village to raise His children.

Our Child Sponsorship program is all about creating and strengthening that village. Launched in partnership with CMF International in April 2016, we saw every single child sponsored in no time, and now our village has faces as far away as France and the United States! Individuals and families praying for a specific child. Individuals and families sending letters to the children that encourage not only the individual child but also all the staff. There is great affirmation in knowing that someone on the other side of the world also sees this specific child as valuable and worth knowing!


This week, we took the time to introduce the kids to their sponsors via pictures and wrote our first batch of letters to our sponsors. The staff and children were all a-buzz with excitement. Tadpole was running around with his picture of the Youth Group that sponsors him and Kame continually pointed to her sponsor family and back to herself over and over. LeLe kept staring at his picture and didn’t actually rip this piece of artwork, so that is a pretty big deal! The message didn’t need words to be communicated…Somebody they never met thinks they are special! The staff were ecstatic to meet a 21 year old with Cerebral Palsy and his family who are sponsoring Yindee and were all very serious as they helped the children write their introduction letters! Everyone was helping to put together a letter for the family who sponsored Sainam and our families in community were gathering family photos to send out to the sponsors! The enthusiasm was palpable!

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We have a pretty special village here at Hope Home. Each individual who prays, gives, and encourages us has expanded our village to what it is today! There are hundreds of people around the world who day by day, week by week, year by year strengthen our village! We are so very grateful that Child Sponsorship is helping us expand our global village just a little bit more and we cannot wait to see the way that the perfect love of Christ and the body of Christ is shown through this ever growing global village! Thank you to all who are a part of our village, churches, families, individuals,


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