Art and Music Therapy at Hope Home

Art is a gateway. A means of expression, a method of processing, and a journey through which our children begin to discover the world around them and even the world inside each of them. Because of this we find it very important for art to be a fundamental component of our work. One way in which we have been blessed to do this is through weekly workshops hosted by our partner organization Art Relief International (ARI). Hope Home has enjoyed a long relationship with ARI, a project of Cultural Canvas Thailand which allows us to offer art and music therapy to our children on a weekly basis.


Whether it’s Tadpole or LeLe diving into the paint buckets, Yindee laughing as bubbles appear from nothing, Dontrii squirming with delight, Little Guy splashing away, or Kame very cautiously approaching the activity at hand each ARI workshop is a priceless opportunity.

An opportunity to explore and discover; a new painting technique, percussion, sensory activity, or videos and dancing from around the world. Each workshop provides children the opportunity to look, touch, and experience something new. The world becomes wide open from behind our own little gate.

And of course, an opportunity to express. As many of our children have limited communication, art is an incredible opening of expression for them. What cannot be said in words, can come out in color, in sound, or even in taste!

Thank you ARI, your directors, and each and every one of your volunteers! You help make our kids week more exciting and we love seeing the way that your workshops bring out the brilliance in each one of them!

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