New Education Centre

With the big move for our family in process we continue to be extremely grateful for the support of churches, organizations, and individuals worldwide who continue to support, encourage, and move us forward. While moving is certainly an unexpected obstacle in the life of our family, it is one that the Lord still uses to afford new opportunities and advancements we could never expect to come so soon.

Almost two years ago we dreamed of an education centre for our children to learn proper social and educational skills in the classroom. Our dream was that this would help the children develop themselves and also potentially be accepted into a mainstream school environment, or an appropriate special education school. We began with the stable in our back garden and the kids began learning and practicing their skills.


The move has prompted a bigger move for the education centre to be separate from the home. Children will now have to walk to school, study in the classroom, and then even play on a separate playground.

This school room is already ready and the children are making daily treks to school, as we hope this will provide a sense of stability as they transition to the new house down the road. Of course, none of this could be possible without the support of many people! Central Christian Church in Indiana and Kid Central Preschool donated more materials than we could have ever imagined making it not only a school room, but one with proper activities that will make teaching and learning easy for all our students and staff! Then of course we would be lost without volunteers Matt & Stephanie Deinlein and Clare MacDonald put many hours, hard work, and their collective experience together to create a beautiful and functioning room.


Classes have already started and the children are adjusting and learning classroom etiquette bit by bit while even still learning a few educational lessons! One exciting feature of our new room is the corner of the room devoted entirely to our “World Exploration” curriculum developed by us at Hope Home to help children discover Christ through the world and the world through Christ. It’s all sensory fun exploration and storytelling merged together and the kids are truly enjoying it so far!


Thank you to everyone who has made this part of our move a smooth and easy transition. Not only are we relieved to have a new education centre to serve as a consistent point in the move but we are blessed that it will be an incredible place of learning, exploration, and development!

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