Hope Home Special Olympians

Recently two of the Hope Home children, LeLe and Tadpole, were able to compete in the Northern Thailand Special Olympics event held through the special education center. It was a fun morning as all the children from various special education centres across Northern Thailand gathered in Chiang Mai to showcase their athletic skills! Before the competition even began Tadpole was finding amateur wrestling opponents and LeLe definitely could have taken the gold medal in running across the stage when no one was watching, had that actually been an event. Needless to say, the excitement was in the air!

Tadpole was able to compete in an obstacle course competition as well as the balance beam, and LeLe competed in the balance beam and ball throwing competition. You could say our events got off to a slow start, because Tadpole did start about 1 minutes after his competitor in his first event but then once he got the concept down he actually false started for his next one! LeLe of course was highly skilled on the balance beam per usual but the whole event was a bit too much excitement to get that ball throwing accurate!

We are so very proud of both our boys for their determination and development to this point. They work hard and play even harder! We were thrilled to see them celebrated as we celebrate them everyday; to our medalists, Tadpole and LeLe, you’re always gold to us!

Take a look at some pictures from their Special Olympics…

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