“Was Blind but Now I See”


On the morning of June 7, 2016 in Chiang Mai, Thailand Sainam took his last breaths in the comfort of loving care at Hope Home and into the loving arms of his Heavenly Father. We were beyond blessed to have cared for Sainam since he was six months old; he defied expectations time and again, showing resilience and strength.

Sainam’s five year lifespan seems very short, but we take solace in that he lived his life well. He was known for his uncanny ability to sleep during the day (especially when he was supposed to do physiotherapy!) and to remain awake at night! We at Hope Home loved “working” the night shift because the time we got to spend with Sainam was precious and priceless! In fact, while many visitors saw the amount of care Sainam needed in the past eight months and admired our staff, it was truly our blessing! Each and every moment with Sainam was a moment of inexplicable joy! His smile was incomparable and if he wasn’t sleeping, he was most likely smiling! Some of his favorite activities included listening to Bible Stories, cuddling, and playing with his hands.

More than all of that though, Sainam made an impact on the world around him that was much bigger than his small figure could ever convey. Sainam may have appeared unassuming in his earthly body, he was blind and had many other disabilities, but his spirit, strength, and personality were able beyond belief! He taught us to be content in all circumstances, to have faith when you cannot see the future, to love unconditionally, to forgive quickly, and to be a peacemaker. It was these qualities, and the most adorable laugh possible, that stole the hearts of many caregivers, visitors, and of course the other children along the way!

While Sainam is gone from our home and we miss him terribly, he is not only forever in our hearts but he is now safe and free in Heaven above. We imagine that he is running and making mischief up there with his other Hope Home friends who have gone before. We will all await the day of our heavenly reunion and rejoice in the time we had with him.


Your mothers, fathers, brothers, and sisters.


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