We are Moving!

The difference between a house and a home is often hard to distinguish, but for us “Hope Home” has very little to do with the four walls we have called our “House” for the past 5 years. For us, Hope Home is our family. It starts with our Heavenly Father and Savior Jesus Christ and expands down into the men and women who make up our staff and volunteers, and of course our children. It is the environment of love, acceptance, empowerment, and hope.


We have been blessed to be at our current location for many years, our premises not only put us in a great community, a comfortable place for children to live, a place for our staff, an expansive physical therapy room, an education centre, and afforded us the ability to offer a playground to our community. Over the years volunteers have come in and beautified our premises with murals, fresh paint, and repair work as needed. Without a doubt many memories have been made, Little Guy’s first steps, Sasikan on the swings, Chaay’s handiwork help, and so much more! Certainly many have lived here, some have died here, and our memories will last a lifetime! IMG_6218_2

However, due to our current landlord’s decision our time at this property is coming to a close and we will soon be making new memories at a new house. We have been able to secure time at our current property until September and much work will need to be done between now and then in order to move out of the old house, and to get the new house ready for our children! We will begin moving the staff in the next couple of weeks where they will be primarily located above the Hope Home office in a separate location providing them not only a chance to have some space for rest but also a place of their own.


Unfortunately the new house location will not allow us the chance to continue offering a playground to our community, but we trust that God will provide new ways for us to reach our community in the new house. We are looking forward to the many memories and milestones our children will make in the new location. In addition, we are extremely grateful that we have a worldwide family that will be supporting us in this transition.


Ways to Pray for the Hope Home Family:

  • Pray for the kids to adjust with security in their hearts and minds
  • Pray for the staff to adjust well to their new home and support the kids well in this transition
  • Pray for the renovation process of the new place

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