Nature Encounters

What’s crawling around your garden? Is there something flying through?

Our garden never seems to be lacking in excitement! In addition to seven little ones running and rolling around the garden, there seem to be quite a few other creatures that like to join our midst. Often the creatures are met with mixed reactions. Typically this involves Kame squealing and yelling as far a way as possible and Tadpole and Little Guy going in as close as can be. We can have quite the variety on the premises.

The neighborly birds do like to come for a visit from time to time. Dontrii is a big fan!

More than the aviary friends we also have reptile visitors who come walking and hopping around from time to time. All greeted with great interest!

Sometimes the creatures are not always still living…but that does not seem to hamper our little Tadpole’s excitement! Though, we must report we are not very enthused by this sweet trick. All another excuse for a hand washing lesson though! Scrub. Scrub. Scrub. Scrub. Scrub. More. Scrub. Tadpole.


Then of course the creepy crawly insect critters seem to always fascinate our youngest two. Real or fake, needless to say Little Guy has a real knack for grabbing them by the wings!

There is never a dull moment inside or outside the four walls of our home. We never quite know what is around the corner, and what visitor will come next. (We just hope it is never the dreaded snake visitor!!!) Our children, however, remind us to love and embrace our Creator’s world with fascination, wonder, and compassion! Oh to be like a child!

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