Our Little Ducklings

Language and literature has often compared children to ducklings…as they grow they emerge from their shells and develop quickly into the grown-up duck they’re designed to be! We definitely see each of our little ducklings bursting forth from their shells and developing in many new exciting ways…

  • Kaew is starting to mimic words from adults much more clearly…even for those who don’t know him!
  • Yindee’s neck strength is greatly increased this month.
  • LeLe is clapping along to every beat…and properly too!
  • Laap is getting stronger than anyone expected and now really likes to scratch his head and smile!
  • Dontrii loves swinging on the swingset and has started saying dta-dta-dta-dta…a new sound!
  • Kame is now walking across balance beams and the top of the monkey bars…the girl who couldn’t stand up on her own a year ago!
  • Tadpole is starting to say everyone’s names…and many other words as well.
  • Little Guy is an adventure man and increasing his energy level and climbing skills daily!

In addition, this past month we have had some very real ducklings come to join our family! Mum Duck and Dad Duck had 14 baby ducks! These little ducklings have been the center of attention since day one. The youngest was quite weak at first and had to be cared for separately for a day. The children ADORED “kap-kap” (the sound a duck makes in Thai) and did a great job caring for kap-kap that first day, Kame especially loved trying to feed kap-kap water with an eyedropper. Little Guy, however, learned a very important lesson in being gentle! Every day since we have little ones running toward the duck area or watching from afar as they are simply stunned and amazed to stand and watch all the ducklings grow and develop…We are happy to report that even kap-kap is thriving!


Given that the children have become so interested in the ducklings we decided to do some special studies! The children truly enjoyed learning about the basic duck life cycle. Egg…cracked egg…duckling…duck! Then a number of various activities to help build fine motor strength, gross motor skills, counting, and so much more! These activities have been a huge hit at our house in addition to standing and watching the real life ducklings grow and develop!

Though our children may not develop as quickly as our little ducklings–who were already swimming and climbing at just days old–they sure are growing and developing. We are amazed and blessed to watch as God develops them into their grown-up duck selves, and are so very grateful that somewhere along the way they landed in our pond! So little ducklings, grab your umbrella (the English word Kame and Tadpole say best) and go for it! We cannot wait to see the beautiful person you each become!



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