Celebrating 30 Years of Vieng Ping

This past weekend we had the privilege of joining in a celebration for the Vieng Ping orphanage’s 30 year anniversary. As a foster home under the Vieng Ping orphanage it was our pleasure to join in celebrating the great difference the place, and all the people who have worked there, has made in the lives of many children, families, and communities.

This ceremony involved children and staff dressing in traditional Thai clothing. A task that was incredibly fun for all involved. It is of highest priority for our children to understand and appreciate Thai culture and tradition. This outfit is the traditional outfit of Northern Thai “Lanna” people and while no longer worn everyday, is still traditionally worn on Fridays and for special ceremonies such as this one!


We gathered at the orphanage in mid-afternoon and before the festivities started the kids were able to enjoy some time on the playgrounds and grounds of Vieng Ping! We do not often get the chance to discover new playgrounds, there simply aren’t that many within our access, and the kids absolutely loved trying out new equipment such as a Merry-Go-Round, rounded monkey bars, a super high slide, and so much more!

When the formal festivities began there was a lot of FOOD. Little Guy was a particular fan of this bit, but it is safe to say Tadpole, Kame, and LeLe also ate heaps of sticky rice, curries, treats of various kind, and more than one type of ice cream!

There were awards presented to many individuals and groups that have made an impact on the Vieng Ping orphanage as well as the social welfare system in Chiang Mai. Then many presentations of traditional Lanna Thai dancing by children currently at Vieng Ping or other Social Welfare Homes through the Vieng Ping system. Tadpole, Wentaa, and Kame especially enjoyed trying to dance along to the performances.


Overall it was not only a great chance to show honor and respect to the system which takes care of so many children, which blesses us to care for our seven children, and the people who we work with everyday!

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