Our Valentines at Hope Home

Valentine’s Day may be now a largely commercial holiday but this year we decided none of that mattered. Any day that gives us the excuse to give and receive love is a day worth cherishing! At Hope Home we are blessed with a core group of caregivers, lovely women who give of themselves day in and day out, or night in and night out, in order to give each of our children top quality care and genuine love.


We wanted to use this day as a fantastic opportunity to simply say “WE LOVE YOU.” In the week leading up to Valentine’s Day we snuck off to the Education and Development Centre, brought out the paints, glue, and hearts, and in no time the kiddos had created cards which were beautiful masterpieces and expressions of their love. Every child had a role in the creation of the cards and the whole project was tied together with their fingerprints in a heart…our most simple way of showing that all of us are grateful for the hard work of each caregiver and the love they show us daily.

So with chocolates, fake roses, and these most beautiful cards we were able to show love to those who love us, we were able to give when we so often receive, and we had fun reminding each caregiver that their job is important…that they are a loved member of our family.

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