Laap Moves Forward! Stronger Everyday!

A few months ago we updated you on the progress of Laap who was still in the PICU at the time. Laap’s PICU journey ended up lasting over 6 weeks and before being discharged from hospital both a naso-gastric tube and a tracheotomy tube were needed for him to sustain consistent breathing functions. Laap came home on continuous oxygen but with close care and a consistent regimen he is now able to be in air and does not need the continuous oxygen except for on the rare occasion.


The hospital, the doctors, and even we did not expect Laap’s progress to be so quick or clear but we are all seeing God’s work in this boy and his strength of character come out! He has overcome adversity in so many ways and has come out stronger. He has stayed by us as we navigate his new routines, he has given us grace when we don’t get something quite right, and he has blessed us with smile after smile the whole way through. Everyday we get the blessing of slowing down our fast-paced, driven lives to be with Laap to be taught by his quiet presence, gentle spirit, and strong mind.

Now that Laap is doing so well he is able to join us on outings in the community, the shopping centers, church and more. We continue to be amazed by the ways Laap is able to love others both in our home and in our community. Not only has this meant Laap is able to enjoy these many diverse activities but the other children are able to benefit from more consistent, family-style activities as all staff and kids can venture out together! We cannot praise the Lord enough for the ways he has moved in our lives and in Laap’s life over the past few months. We are grateful for the miracle of everyday life with Laap and every other child in our care!


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