Wrapping up 2015!

2015 had quite the finish with heaps of fun as our volunteers Tony and Joy finished their time with us and headed back to England. Grandmum and Grandad Cook from England gave us a visit over the Christmas and New Years holidays as well.

Tony and Joy hosted a fun sports day as their final goodbye. The children very much enjoyed relay races, fishing for ducks, knocking down cans, taking photos with the board specially designed by Tony, and of course the inaugural Hope Home Grand National! Children had practiced riding their hobby horses for days leading up to the big day! While a winner is hard to determine, everyone had their share of fun racing, throwing, jumping, and catching at all the different events!


Only one day passed between Tony and Joy’s departure and Grandmum and Grandad Cook’s arrival at Hope Home. What a nice treat to fill the space left by their departure! The children enjoyed lots of grandparent love, shared meals, and of course being spoiled in the best of ways with icecream and fun!


Of course, we also had a lovely family Christmas! Our traditional neighborhood Christmas party was held in the backyard with two other foster homes and a nursery school as well! This year Kame and Tadpole had special roles in the Christmas pageant as Mary and Joseph. They were very diligent in their practice and though Tadpole fell ill right before the big reveal we were very proud of them! Others of us made appearances as sheep and shepherds. Christmas day was also heaps of fun with church in the morning, presents galore, a very international family meal, and most importantly time spent PRESENT together! The children enjoyed all bits of the day as we celebrated the birth of Jesus who is our reason for HOPE and the ONE who makes us FAMILY.


2016 is already off to a quick start and we cannot wait to see what the year ahead holds! Thank you for following along with us, we are excited to share our new year with you!!

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