Journey to the Village

During the month of November we were able to once again make the journey to Yindee’s village in Phrae Province. It was a wonderful experience not only for Yindee to spend some time with her mum and meet her newest younger brother but also a fun adventure for some of the other children and staff. This time around Yindee had a great time visiting family, happily spending time with Mum, brother, and her grandmother the entire two days!



The opportunity to keep Yindee as involved as possible in her family and community is a high priority and true joy for all of us at Hope Home. It was exciting to see Yindee enjoy her time with her family and community, participating in the daily life of her tribal group and simply sharing precious time with her mum and brothers. This time since Laap was recently discharged from hospital and still needing oxygen and Little Guy needed to share the medical suction machine Laap, Little Guy, and LeLe (also a bit ill) had an at-home Camp-out and were unable to make the journey but had heaps of fun at home and hopefully will take a trip soon! The rest of our small entourage (Dontri, Kame, Tadpole, and staff and volunteers) were able to also experience the excitement of nature, adventure outside of the city here in Chiang Mai, and get to know people of another people group!

Tadpole found the village to be his natural environment! Running up and down dirt hills, stomping in the creek, and barking at all the dogs. If you’re ever in Thailand and someone talks about a two-year old boy who speaks dog…that would be him! Kame found the dirt and dust a bit too much at first but eventually jumped right in and found joy and fun in the outdoors!


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