One Bouncy Family…

In January, we were blessed with volunteers from the University of Wollongong, Australia who worked both at Hope Home and a neighboring organization. The group of early childhood education students worked with our children for two weeks and shared their knowledge and experience with our staff. The activities they shared were a huge blessing to Hope Home children and staff, especially to LeLe, Tadpole, and Kame!

10934020_770615393032220_5086565334539381663_n IMG_7710_2IMG_7709

Upon return to Australia and their studies, the group wanted to remain connected with Hope Home and has done so in incredible ways. Through sending books, new activity ideas, and other goodies in the mail the relationship continued to develop! Recently, the team concluded a term-long fundraising drive for the two organizations and was able to bless us with a TRAMPOLINE for the children! Given that many of our children have a need for higher levels of sensory input this gift was absolutely perfect!


While a big hit with the kids rightIMG_7505 away, trampoline skills definitely had to be practiced! For Kame who has low muscle tone and troubles with coordination as well as Tadpole and LeLe who are strong but have lower coordination as well it has been an incredibly fun way for them to grow and develop their muscle skills all while PLAYING! In the beginning there was a lot more sitting and falling than anything else but now it’s a totally different story. Not only have their trampoline skills increased dramatically but we have noticed an increased ability in their strength and coordination as well!

Now they are jumping and bouncing all over the place! It is not just our jumping children that enjoy the trampoline though, but the whole family. Whether it’s while laying down and feeling the vibrations, watching others fall down in funny ways, or making silly faces we are certainly one big bouncy family!

IMG_8366 IMG_7829

IMG_7545THANK YOU to our friends for their generous gift of this trampoline as well as sharing your encouragement and knowledge!

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