3 Weeks In: Laap’s PICU Journey and Moving Forward

Laap came to live at Hope Home at the age of 6 months old. With a severe brain condition, cerebral palsy, as well as other disabilities there has never been a road map for how Laap might progress or what kind of expectations could be held for his future. However, with his sweet personality and easy-going disposition, Laap has easily made his way into the hearts and lives of all our staff and children!

Laap enjoying a laugh during naptime. (Noteworthy…not asleep 😉 )

With cold season approaching in Thailand, many children around Chiang Mai are sick and our home has definitely been affected by colds and other minor illnesses as well. Laap became sick and was able to hold his own for a few days before one evening when we felt it best to take him to hospital as his symptoms seemed to develop. Unfortunately, within the span of a few hours in hospital this illness seems to have hit Laap quite hard and  he was admitted to the Pediatric Intensive Care Unit (PICU). Three weeks later after treatment for his respiratory infection and following attempts to help Laap off the ventilator have been unsuccessful, this week Laap will have a tracheotomy. While it is a major procedure and our hearts ache at the necessity for him to transition to this as well as feeding with an NG tube we are confident in the incredible care he is receiving in the PICU, the doctor’s wisdom, and the Lord’s plan over Laap’s life. We ask that as you pray in this time you would pray for healing for Laap, especially as he has his tracheotomy this week, strength for staff, understanding for the other children about all these new tubes in their big brother, and praise God that Laap has received EXCELLENT medical and personal care over these past three weeks. At Hope Home we are blessed with the personnel (a nurse, experienced staff, and many other compassionate and teachable hearts) to care for Laap’s increased medical needs following his discharge from hospital. It is our blessing to journey through life with each child entrusted to our care and Laap continues to bless us daily!

Laap and LeLe in a serious conversation earlier this month.

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