Tony & Joy Brighten up Hope Home

Volunteers Tony and Joy arrived in Chiang Mai in mid September and have already made a major impact on the environment of Hope Home as well as in the lives of the children and staff. The couple comes with a wealth of experience in caring for and educating children with different needs and have also brought with them amazing artistic talents. What began as a thought to fix little bits and pieces of walls and gates with a fresh coat of paint has led to the two buying up the inventory at many DIY stores around town.

The first project they have taken on is the redecoration of the children’s bedroom. Once painted with dark blues and a simple scenery, years of leaking and use had left the room feeling dark and the design was wearing away in places.

IMG_4532They began by repairing holes and a fresh coat of light paint, but then the mural came forth…and the children loved watching the drawing phase and eventually the painting phase as the beauty developed.



The real treat has come as the final product was presented and sealed for protection from little hands and fingers which might want to explore its walls. It is definitely a good thing too, as our kids have not stopped barking, chirping, meow-ing, ribbit-ing, and more as they discover the different animals along the walls!


Thank you Tony and Joy for making our home more beautiful and providing us with a bedroom that is not only fun but educational too! We cannot wait to see what else you do!

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