Thank You DSG-Baby Love!

Hope Home has long been blessed by the generosity of supporters from around the world. We truly rely on the donations of individuals and organizations to continue providing high quality care for our children. This month we have been especially blessed by DSG International for their donation of 15 boxes of nappies! That’s over 1,000 nappies that will keep our kids clean and dry for quite awhile!

IMG_6536Nappies for the children can be a large expense of our monthly budget, and the kids need them especially in order to go on outings in community without having to worry about bladder control issues. The children and staff love being able to go to physio therapy, hydrotherapy, school, and church on a regular basis as well as other special events. We are very excited to have this donation to help support our daily care of the children!

IMG_6880LeLe can’t believe these are ALL for us! Though the staff may be the most excited around our house for this blessing, the kids did have a lot of fun watching the truck pull up, drop off the nappies, and then drive off as well! Thank you DSG-Baby Love for the donation as well as the exciting experience!

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