Birthday Excitement

With seven residential kids and more in the foster or respite care programs, we get the opportunity to celebrate a lot of birthdays throughout the year! It is our desire for each child to know they are special. Special because God made them and special because of the place they hold in our hearts! This love is shown year round through actions, words, and deeds but at least once every year each child gets a big reminder of just how special they are! 

In September we have a total of 4 children with birthdays, and even more staff, so this year we decided to have an extra special party! 

  Wentaa is a former resident now living with her permanent foster family down the street! She had an absolute blast at her 9th birthday party!!

  Dontrii is celebrating his fourth birthday this month and was a HUGE fan of the cake! Maybe too much of a fan….

 Little Guy is turning one and had a blast playing, eating, opening presents, and of course trying a bit of cake! 

  Last but certainly not least we celebrated Garfields 11th birthday! He may be in Bangkok and therefore unable to attend but we used this stuffed animal in his place and hope he knows he was celebrated from afar! 
Overall, it was a night of great food, dancing, and just good old-fashioned family fun! How will we celebrate in October? We can only wait to see, but for now we celebrate our September birthdays and pray that God would bless each one with a year of joy, growth, and experience of His love. 

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