Mother’s Day at Hope Home

Thailand celebrates Mother’s Day on August 12th as it is the birthday of Her Majesty Queen Sirikit, or the mother of all Thai people. As it is an extremely important day in the year, Hope Home comes together to celebrate Her Majesty the Queen Mother as well as the many “Mee” (or mothers) that selflessly give of themselves and their time to each of the Hope Home kids everyday. While many people might see the children at Hope Home as “motherless” these women step up daily and love each child like their own. Our celebrations were complete with a poster the children helped to create, special pizza treat, and lots of pictures!

The celebrations continued past the actual day and into the weekend as we were able to join in a special event with friends in the community. Hope Home children and staff as well as a foster family and representatives from the local Social Welfare office came to a Mother’s Day program where the concept of “Motherhood” was discussed and those present were challenged to think about how one can still be a mother without being a biological mother. It is our hope that this was a valuable time in which community members became aware of the opportunity it is to foster a child.


Hope Home children and staff were also able to present a special performance for the audience! The children performed “Head, Shoulders, Knees, and Toes” in both Thai and English, “The Wise Man Built His House Upon the Rock” in Thai and other songs the children enjoy along with motions. It was a big hit for everyone in attendance and we are hopeful that this is one more step in advocating that all children have special talents and abilities!


In conclusion, everyone was able to plant a Thai Jasmine flower or “dok mali” in a small group. This flower is the traditional flower of Mother’s Day and the Hope Home kids and mothers had a blast planting their own flowers and can’t wait to watch them grow over the next year!


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