Keeping families together

Smile’s family has been around the Hope Home neighbourhood and ministries for quite some time. The family has participated in many Hope Home activities, outings, and just spending time with us weekly. When Smile’s mum came to Hope Home recently to report the family had encountered hard times and she was unsure how to work and still take care of Smile; the Hope Home was excited to help! 

We are truly blessed to support Smile’s family. Her mum helps at Hope Home and is able to bring Smile, her younger sister, and another relative with her! This has enabled the family to stay together and to prosper together as well! It also enabled Smile to get specialised development services through the Hope Home Education Centre. Recently, with the help of Hope Home, Smile was accepted into the local government special education center! This time riding along with Hope Home children in staff who study at the same center has made this opportunity a reality! 

Hope Home is excited to come alongside families and support them in keeping their families together and strong even with the extra challenges of navigating disability services, doctors appointments, and more! 

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