Empowerment at Hope Home: Kame’s Story

Kame was brought to the Hope Home through the government orphanage after her young mum decided she could no longer care for her complex needs. At two years old she already had numerous hospitalizations, a medication that her mum could not afford, and a strict diet that the young mum could neither understand nor keep consistent with her limited resources. Out of love for her daughter, Kame’s mum decided to temporarily sign her over the Office of Social Welfare and eventually decided she was not capable of caring for Kame in the way she needed.

When Kame was transferred to Hope Home by the Office of Social Welfare she was quiet, rather expressionless, and would stay anywhere she was placed whether sitting, standing, or lying down. Part of this could be attributed to adjustment to a new place, but much of it was in fact the result of her untreated disability. Within three days she had to be hospitalized again as she had been without her medication for five months.

IMG_7405Since returning from hospital, Kame has begun making great strides in her development and now six months later she can definitely not be described as “expressionless” anymore. This blossoming almost three year old is now walking, running, climbing the ladder on the playground, completing jigsaws, saying some words, and keeping the boys (especially Tadpole and LeLe) in line! Kame is even helping take her own blood sugars, though she does not know what those numbers mean yet! These are tasks we did not think would come about so quickly and it has been incredible to watch her develop! With the proper medical care in a supportive and rich environment Kame should develop typically and her slow development to this point should be reversed.

IMG_1835Hope Home is working to help Kame achieve developmental milestones, maintain her health, and complete all paperwork which will complete her eligibility for adoption. We thank a sponsor in the UK for the financial support of Kame’s medical costs and all those around the world who have partnered for this special girl in prayer!

Hope Home exists to bring out the power and abilities of each child and family in our care. We rejoice in how this has come to fruition in Kame’s life and look forward to seeing more life transformation in her life, and in the lives of others!

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