Education and Development Centre to Help Children with Disabilities Realise their Full Potential

Hope Home is always seeking to grow and enhance the development of our children. The most recent advancement made in our home has been the renovation of the stalls in our backyard to become a new Education & Development Centre for our children and other children with disabilities in the community! Thanks to a grant from the Reach Foundation and the hard working volunteers from BMS Action Team our stable has gone from this storage space…


To this engaging Winnie-the-Pooh classroom environment…

IMG_8838From day one this has been a family affair, bringing in funds from our global family, the volunteer labor from extended family members, and of course lots of help from our immediate Hope Home family as well! It was great vocational practice for Chaay and we were very excited to see the very hope and purpose behind these walls to begin even in their renovation!

IMG_8445_2 IMG_8488

We have all enjoyed creating this new and exciting space, filling it’s walls with educational materials, and now using it to help give each of our children a better chance at a prosperous future. In Thailand, education is challenging and for many of our children there is not an appropriate option for them. Our hope is for this centre to be a place to develop the skills they need to proceed into formal education environments whether the government special education centres, schools, or private vocational centres!

IMG_8845Children and staff have already been utilizing this new centre and having a fun time learning important lessons that will enhance their physical, cognitive, emotional and spiritual development! Every child deserves the best start to their education and their future and we cannot wait to see how that unfolds in our new centre!

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