Nook and family supported through help of Hope Home

Hope Home has always prioritised keeping children in their biological families and works to support those families on a daily basis. While support is available in Thailand the system can be challenging for families who are affected by both disability and extreme poverty.

Nook and his family are the latest addition to the Hope Home extended family. The connection was made through founder Judy Cook’s network of workers in Chiang Mai. When another organization discovered that a family in their ministry was experiencing crisis because of the father’s imprisonment, Hope Home was consulted about care for the 8-year old boy, Nook, who has multiple and severe disabilities and his mum.

Nook requires 24hr care and while the family previously managed with the help of monthly support through rice and the government stipend, Nook’s father’s imprisonment meant his mother is now tasked with providing for the family of 4 as well as caring for Nook and given that the mother’s current sewing work earns her approximately 20bht a day ($0.61USD, $0.41GBP) the task is understandably overwhelming!

Hope Home is helping this hard working mother with Nook’s needs through providing physical therapy and medical advice, milk and nappies to relieve extra pressure. In addition, Hope Home staff and the staff at CAM (CCT Aids Ministry) are making frequent visits to encourage and assist the family as needed!

Your support of Hope Home supports families like Nook’s to thrive together and to empower the lives of people with disabilities in Northern Thailand!

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