New Year, new start for one Hope Home boy

April was an exciting month for everyone at the Hope Home with the celebration of the Thai New Year, but it was an especially exciting month for the Hope Home’s oldest boy as he moved out of Hope Home and into his forever family! The months leading up to the big day were filled with careful explanation, shared fun times with his new mum and big brother, and lots of hope and prayers that 9-year old Kaew would understand what was happening!

Founder Judy Cook was approached over a year ago by the social worker who felt she wanted to bring Don into her family as a permanent foster child, a situation just as permanent as adoption, but with a few differences. While the original plan was to make the transition after Kaew’s 10th birthday, we are pleased to see Kaew transition in with his family a year early!


The day finally came and Kaew ran through the gates with his BIG bag of belongings to move to his new home down the road! Kaew moved in with his new family and while it was a challenging transition both for him, his family, and for everyone else at Hope Home we are now overwhelmingly excited to see that he is thriving in his new family! We are beyond blessed to continue seeing Kaew every weekday and helping his family with respite care as needed. It is a beautiful moment to see a child of ours move on into a loving, supportive, and happy family!

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